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New on this website, Dr. Victor Miguel Ponce, hydrology
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  41103 :   Fundamentos de Hidráulica de Canais (Online textbook)

  19761 :   Why is the cybernetic hydrologic balance better suited for yield hydrology that the conventional approach? (Video)

  19760 :   Sustainable runof for basin salt balance. (Video)

  19758 :   Gradually varied flow profiles using critical slope. (Video)

  19757 :   The ford-bridge: Sustainable river crossings in arid regions. (Video)

  19756 :   Andes, Hylean, and Craton: The Faces of the Rivers. (Video)

  19755 :   The 800-mm isohyet: Health and hope. (Video)

  19754 :   The price to pay for sequestering all runoff. (Video)

  19286 :   How did Las Vegas get its name? (Video)

  19753 :   Will the amazon rainforest help in taking excess carbon from the air? (Video)

  19752 :   Synthetic unit hydrographs explained (Video)

  19751 :   Effect of form friction on the sediment rating curve (Video)

  19750 :   Runoff diffusion reexamined (Video)

  19749 :   Creager and flood wave diffusion (Video)

  19748 :   The resource dilemma: The settlement of less-than-optimal lands (Video)

  19747 :   General dimensionless unit hydrograph (Video)

  19745 :   Cascade and convolution: One and the same (Video)

  19744 :   Initial abstraction revisited (Video)

  19743 :   The price to pay for agricultural sustainability (Video)

  19742 :   Q&A on the return period to be used for design (Video)

  19285 :   Origin of the New river, Imperial County, California (Video)

  19284 :   The true source of the Missouri river (Video)

  36025 :   The true source of the Missouri river

  19283 :   Facts on Lake Titicaca (Video)

  38056 :   Facts on Lake Titicaca


  36024 :   Design of a stable channel with a steep slope using the exponent of the rating curve

  38055 :   Muskingum-Cunge method explained

  38054 :   Andes, Hylean, and Craton: The faces of the rivers

  41311 :   Diseño de un canal estable con fuerte pendiente utilizando el exponente de la curva de gasto

  19738 :   How much water could be pumped from an aquifer and still remain sustainable? (Video)

  19737 :   Plants and animals: How many are they? (Video)

  19276 :   1000 years of Mississippi-Atchafalaya river history (Video)

  19275 :   Cutback in the New River near Calexico, California (Video)

  19735 :   Critical shear stress vs critical velocity (Video)

  19733 :   The facts about groundwater sustainability (Video)

  19732 :   The facts about river basin salinity (video)

  19729 :   The S-curve explained (Video) (video)

  38053 :   The S-curve explained

  19728 :   Chow, Froude, and Vedernikov (video)

  19725 :   Nutrient balance under flood pulse (video)

  36023 :   The control of roll waves in channelized rivers

  19724 :   The properties of water (video)

  19723 :   The myth of groundwater resource evaluation (video)

  19722 :   The psychrometric constant (video)

  19721 :   The Pfastetter coding system for Watershed Identification (video)

  19720 :   Runoff diffusion reexamined (video)

  19719 :   The choice between groundwater use and ecosystem preservation (video)

  36022 :   The properties of water

  16158 :   Calculation of head loss in pipe flow

  16159 :   Calculation of discharge in pipe flow

  16160 :   Calculation of diameter in pipe flow

  16116 :   Rating curve in a prismatic channel using the Manning equation

  19717 :   Effect of global climate change on the White Range of Peru

  19716 :   Time Engineering: The singular case of the Salton Basin

  19715 :   The right of nature to dispose of its salt waste

  16370 :   Dimensionless dam breach analysis

  16198 :   Pier and abutment scour using Melville equation

  36021 :   Froude number for initiation of motion calculated online

  42304 :   O Dilema entre o Uso de Água Subterrânea e Preservação do Ecossistema

  42205 :   El dilema entre el uso de agua subterránea y la preservación del ecosistema

  38051 :   The choice between groundwater use and ecosystem preservation

  42303 :   ¿Quanta água pode ser bombeada de um aquífero para que seu uso permaneça sustentável?

  42204 :   ¿Cuánta agua puede ser bombeada de un acuífero sin que éste deje de ser sostenible?

  36020 :   How much water could be pumped from an aquifer while remaining sustainable?

  42124 :   Por que o balanço hídrico cibernético é mais adequado do que a abordagem tradicional?

  42123 :   ¿Por qué, en un balance hídrico, resulta más adecuado un enfoque cibernético que un enfoque convencional?

  38050 :   Why is the cybernetic hydrologic balance better suited for yield hydrology than the conventional approach?

  38050 :   Sistema de codificação Pfafstetter para identificação da bacias hidrográficas

  42012 :   Conversation with Vic Mockus

  97207 :   Legacy tale: The owner of the ball

  97206 :   Legacy tale: Who is going to grow the potatoes?

  97205 :   Legacy tale: What is the difference?

  97305 :   Cuentos: ¿Cuál es la diferencia?

  16149B :   Design of channel transition - supercritical - b. Without hydraulic jump.

  16149A :   Design of channel transition - supercritical - a. With hydraulic jump.

  42118 :   La conexión entre el salar de Coipasa y el salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

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